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Evaluation & Examination

Academic Calendar for regular affiliated colleges falling under Summer Zone (only for IST year students)
• The admission of students to B.A/B.Sc./B.Com/BBA/BCA Part-I Semester Ist of Regular Colleges falling under Summer Zone be started w.e.f. 10th June to 10th July in the following manner:-
a) 10th June-30th June without late fee
b) 1st July-10th July with a late fee as prescribed by the University.
Thereafter no admission shall be made.
Class work be started from 2nd week of July to 31st October.
• The Examination for Odd Semester be started be conducted in the 2nd week of November.
• Class work of Even Semesters be started from First week of December to 31st of March.
• The Examination for Even Semester be conducted from 2nd week of April onwards.
• There shall be external examination for each semester to be conducted by the University with a decentralized evaluation process viz at college level or any other suitable method to get timely results declared at the earliest to facilitate the admission process smoothly.

Pass Percentage & Promotions Criteria:-
• The minimum marks required to pass any paper in a semester shall be 40% of total marks in theory and 40% in practical, wherever applicable. The student must secure 40% of total marks in the End Semester Examination and 40% in the total of End Semester Examination & Internal Assessment of the Paper for both theory & Practical separately.
• A Student shall be eligible for promotion from 1st year to 2nd year of the courage provided she/he has passed 75% papers of I and II Semester taken together.
• Similarly a student (irrespective of part-I results) shall be eligible fro promotion from 2nd year to 3rd year of the course provided she/he has passed 75% papers of III and IV Semesters taken together.
• Students who do not fulfill the promotion criteria (2) & (3) above shall be declared fail in the Part concerned. However they shall have the option to retain the marks in the papers in which they have secured Pass marks as per Clause(1) above.
• A student who has to reappear in a paper prescribed for Semester I/III/V may do so only in the Semester examinations to be held in November/December. A student who has to reappear in a paper prescribed for Semester /IV/VI may do so only in the examination to be held in April/May.
• Environmental Examination be conducted in 3rd and 4th semester. However the Evaluation will be done at college level and the awards of the same shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations as is done in case of Internal Assessment. The marks obtained be shown separately,
• Semester System for the candidates who seek admission through DDE may be worked out separately.
• Conveners of respective Board of Studies be requested to send the syllabi & Courses of study to the Registrar by 20th March positively.

Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment shall carry 25% weightage and End Semester Examination 75% weightage
The distribution of Internal Assessment marks shall be as follows:
• Attendance (Lecturers including Interactive Periods & Tutorials) 5%
• Written assignment/tutorials/project reports/seminars 10%
• Class Test(s)/Quiz(s)        10%

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