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• To enrich the environment of the campus by focusing upon personal and intellectual growth.
• To contribute in the process of sustainable development and betterment of the society.
• To upheld the institutional responsibility of not only producing the human capital but also its quality in order to harness the quality of the nation in order to meet the contemporarychallenges.
• To strive to achieve quality standard by nurturing the young and dynamic citizen who are responsible for taking the country to glorious heights.
• To instil a sense of creativity and impart effective communication skills among the youth of this nation to develop leadership qualities in them.


In the ever-growing competitive international scenario, this college envisages the vision:
• To impart quality education based on values and socio, cultural and political ethics.
• To create an enabling learning environment to promote the standard of education in general and that of the women in particular.
• To achieve the heights of academic excellences to transform the student community into valuable national assets to meet the global challenges.
• To foster competence among the students by inculcating moral values, skills, technological knowhow and a relentless quest for achieving excellence.


To eke out an honourable living by honing the potential of the learners in the direction of employability.


To educate budding scientific-minded educands to blend the scientific knowledge with socio-cultural needs of the society.