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Cultural Committees


The overall personality of a student would be achieved not only through the academic activity but it requires exposing the hidden talents of the students for complete development of their personality. The Cultural Committee of GDC Nowshera is committed for holistic development of students, by creating an environment where talents are nurtured every year.

The college Cultural Committee provides ample opportunities for the students to project their hidden potential by providing a platform for the exposure of their talents in various fields like dancing, singing, folk, instrumental music, painting, photography, rangoli making, essay writing, sports events, celebration of days of National and International importance and so on.


To encourage students in Cultural events/activities/competitions and to develop more and more talent among students in Cultural activities.


To enhance the talents of the students, so they can show and participate in maximum number in different cultural events/activities/competitions.
To organize various programmes for preserving cultural heritage and transmitting cultural values and history.


To identify and strengthen the hidden talents in the students.
To develop healthy competitive spirit among the students.
To develop spirit of fraternity and patriotism among the students.
To provide a platform for the holistic development of the students


1.Prof. Pooja Devi (Convener)
2.Prof. Inam Ul Haq (Member)
3.Prof. Rajat Bhardwaj (Member)
4.Dr. Akhil Khajuria (Member)
5.Prof. Gurjeet Singh (Member)
6.Rahul Bhardwaj (Student)
7.Sanjana Sharma (Student)

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Annual Cultural Report 2021-22 Annual Cultural Report 2021-22.
Annual Cultural Report 2020-21 Annual Cultural Report 2020-21