Governament Degree College Nowshera.


Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC).

The Govt. Degree College Nowshera established in 2008 operated under makeshift arrangement
till 2016. Having shifted to its own building and campus from the session 2016-17 the college
feels that the institution should be accredited by the NAAC. In this regard a committee has been
constituted/framed to coordinate in the process of accreditation of this college by NAAC.
The Committee consists of:

1. Prof. Nazakat Hussarn                     (Co-ordinator)
2. Prof. Anupama Sharma                     (member)
3. Prof. Mukesh Sharma                       (member)
4. Prof. Atal Bharati                              (member)
5. Prof. Bandana Thakur                       (member)
6. Prof. Pooja Devi                               (member)


On 3rd Oct. 2018, the first meeting of this committee held in the principal Chamber regarding
accreditation process and other, Codal formalities to be completed. The Committdb decided that :

l. The required data for the first step of submission/registration of IIQA be collected and be
uploaded on the cited within seven days.
2. All the committee members will start compling the required information soon after the
acceptance of IIQA.
3. The Co-ordinator of the committee will frequently visit the website to access the any
query if upload by the NACC.
4. An Amount of Rs. 295001- required as registration fee to be managed.

The meeting ended with thanks

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